Friday, June 29, 2018

Dammit, I Took The FT Alphaville Quiz And Only Got the First Half of the Correct Answer

From FT Alphaville, June 29:

BE Hello! Welcome. This is Markets Live, FT Alphaville's thing with the things and things.
BE  It's Friday, it's a bit monodirectional and there's very little corporate around ....
BE  ...... so let's start with a quiz.
Soundbuy Market rather jiggy......
Paper Chase Hullo.
Soundbuy Prize?
Excel Developer @BE: Arts and Literature please

BE  Here's a fund portfolio. Or, at least, the top 30 holdings in that portfolio.
BE  Which is about 85% of the total.
BE  Name the fund.
Well I didn't even need to see the next 20 names, that's obviously the old line life assurance and pensions company, Scottish Widows Ltd.

BE Pretty spicy, huh!
Excel Developer It's pretty much all tech.
Mr Diamond Scottish mortgage
chad_john Techytechmctechface LLC
Manxish SMT?
chad_john I bet it's the UK Government
Soundbuy Vatican?
chad_john JRM?

BE @Mr Diamond wins!
BE  It's Baillie Gifford's flagship Scottish Mortgage Trust, with £7.6bn under management....MORE

Not the new Scottish Widows?
In my defence I may have been influenced by the latest corporate marketing and branding: