Friday, June 22, 2018

Alphaville's Dan McCrum Directs Our Attention To Sharks

Mr. McCrum, whom we last visited as he emceed Wednesday's Kaminska Live!:
DM: Welcome to the thing with the words, a special edition of Markets Live to collectively watch an evidence session of a parliamentary committee
DM: That doesn't sound nearly as weird as I thought it might in print
Today retweeted:
Although likely not familiar with the latest research, Dan intuitively gets onto a major story:

"SHARKS are not merciless killing machines — but ­sensitive souls with a passion for jazz, say experts"
Sharks are fans of jazz and swing music, scientists discover 
Scientists found Port Jackson sharks would swim towards spots where they played jazz more than any other genre of music
A study that trained sharks to associate music with food rewards learned they were not the aggressive flesh-crunching monsters of the Jaws movies. 
Instead, scientists discovered intelligent, sensitive creatures who responded well to training and showed a preference for the sophisticated jazz sounds associated with stars such as Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis....

Mr. McCrum may already regret triggering this train (wreck) of thought in yours truly.