Monday, October 24, 2016

Indian Wedding Invitation: Dad's A Billionaire Style

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From TheNewsMinute:

This Karnataka billionaire wedding invite has stunned us into silence
Karnataka mining baron’s daughter’s invite has stunned us into silence
For mining baron Gali Janardhan Reddy’s family, wedding invites with written words are passe. Instead, the former BJP leader’s daughter’s ‘boxed’ wedding invite comes with an LCD screen playing a video.

And this is not just any video. Running for longer than a minute, the video features Reddy, his wife, daughter Brahmani, his son and even the groom Rajeev Reddy. And, Janardhan Reddy and his wife are lip-synching to a Kannada song that seems straight out of a film. The song was specially composed for the wedding.

Invoking auspicious blessings, the song calls relatives, friends and loved ones to come and share in the joyous occasion. Announcing the happy couple's names, the video also features elaborate introductions for them, with the groom walking on to a background of galloping horses.

For the record, there is a regular printed invite inside the box with all the necessary details. But even before you can get to it, the LCD screen in the lid autoplays the video....MORE 
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Score! From a June post:
So there I was, regaling long-suffering reader with one of my Bollywood stories (yes, they are multiple):
*As I've mentioned elsewhere, I know a Pakistani guy who is addicted to Bollywood dance scenes.
Any time I visit, before we can talk business or anything else, we have to have tea while watching his latest favorite find. 
A regular source of said dance scenes would do as much for my income as a new secret factor to add to Fama-French.
Maybe more....
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