Friday, October 28, 2016

Ah, There's Some Inflation: "Brexit hits Apple Mac customers hard as prices rise by up to £500"

From the Guardian:
New laptops significantly more expensive and already-existing machines have prices raised by hundreds of pounds as Apple adjusts for new US dollar-pound sterling rate

If you’re a Mac user, everything just got a lot more expensive. Apple used the cover of introducing three new MacBook Pros at its latest event to quietly raise the prices of every single computer in its line.
It’s the latest example of the Brexit effect, with prices updated to account for the new low exchange rate between the US dollar and pound sterling. While the new laptops introduced on 27 October are significantly more expensive than the ones they are replacing, even machines that have seen no change at all have had their prices raised, in some cases by many hundreds of pounds.

The 13in MacBook Air, now the cheapest laptop in Apple’s range, starts at £949. A day earlier, it started at £849, while an even cheaper model, the now discontinued 11in MacBook Air, started at just £749.

The 12in MacBook, Apple’s smallest computer, starts at £1,249 for the very same model which sold for £1,049 24 hours ago. And the 13in and 15in MacBook Pros with Retina displays – the older model of MacBook Pro – are still on sale, starting at £1,249 and £1,899 respectively. On Thursday, those computers cost £999 and £1,599.

Similar price increases hit the company’s desktop computers. The Mac mini, still the lowest priced computer that Apple makes, has gone from £399 to £479. The cheapest iMac is now £1,049 up from £899, while the Mac Pro – a computer that hasn’t been updated for more than 1,000 days – has seen its base price increase by £500, from £2,499 to £2,999.

But while Apple has gained a reputation for overcharging British customers on currency conversions in the past, these prices are more than fair conversions of the dollar price for the same product – since the dollar prices are excluding sales taxes, while the pound prices are including VAT....MORE 
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