Sunday, October 23, 2016

In A Few Hours Elon Musk Will Answer Your SpaceX Questions in a Reddit AMA

T minus five hours, thirty-five minutes...
(see below)
From Reddit;
Elon Musk will be doing an AMA on r/spaceX at 3pm Pacific today (Sunday 10/23) (self.spacex)
His team has just confirmed and asked me to give you all a heads up.
Do not post your questions in this thread.
Hi r/SpaceX!

This has caught us by surprise just as much as it did anyone else!

To reiterate kn0thing's point, this is not the AMA thread, so questions asked here won't be answered by Elon. Of course, feel free to use this thread to refine your questions first before later asking them in Elon's live AMA thread.

Standard subreddit rules will apply in the AMA thread, and rest assured that we will be removing fluff questions mercilessly. Make sure to research your question before asking it, so that so we're not asking things that have already been answered. In particular, watch the IAC video again; if your question is answered in the Mars Architecture presentation, don't ask it again. Also read through our excellent Community-built FAQ beforehand!

All questions must be about SpaceX. Do not post questions about Tesla Motors, Solar City, or duck-sized horses.

Thanks guys!

T minus 6 hours until 3 pm PT (22:00 UTC)

HT: The Verge's “Who would win in a fight? The CEO of Tesla or the CEO of SpaceX?"