Monday, October 17, 2016

"Fall in Sterling is Hole In One for UK's Golf Tourism Industry"

Just your little ray of sunshine, that's me.
From City AM:
The drop in sterling has lured American golf tourists to some of the UK and Ireland's top resorts in their droves, according to holiday website

Sales to US-based customers between July and September increased 238 per cent on the previous three months, as the dollar exchange rate grew more favourable in the wake of the pro-Brexit referendum result.

US golf tourists poured the most cash into bookings for the Carnoustie, St Andrews Links and Kingsbarns resorts in Scotland, and Waterville and Tralee in the Republic of Ireland. chief executive Andrew Stanley said:
The acceleration of US golfers booking ahead for next year and locking in the cheaper prices has been phenomenal, which is also a good sign for those parts of the UK that rely on golf tourism.
Despite the weaker pound our UK business has also continued to grow throughout 2016 and has surpassed 2015's booking numbers.
The company launched its transatlantic service for US customers wanting to come to the UK and vice versa in the fourth quarter of last year....MORE
Well there you go, and for those who prefer their vice, versa, as well.
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Maybe Britain can follow this lead...