Friday, October 28, 2016

End of An Era at DealBreaker (and the financial internet)

Where will we go for the best post tags on the internet?
Deeply, deeply, wonderfully deeply disturbed tags.

From DealBreaker:

Housekeeping: This Is One Of My Last Posts For Dealbreaker
This is the strangest post I’ve written since I joined this website in June 2006 (!!), and as I think you all know, I’ve written a lot of very strange posts: next Tuesday, November 1, will be my last day at Dealbreaker....

HT: Alphaville's Matthew Klein who also caught the 'soybeans in the GDP' that was earlier highlighted by Real Time Economics.

First M. Levine, Esq. departs and takes his footnotes with him to Bloomberg, now Bess and the story tags.
Fin d'une époque.