Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"So accountant trading cards are a thing...."

From Going Concern:

Accountant Trading Cards: I'll Give You a Luca Pacioli If You Give the Accounting Profession Its Dignity Back
Because there’s nothing more thrilling than the adrenaline rush of trading cards combined with the raw excitement of accounting.

Accountant trading cards are similar to the Most-Wanted Iraqis playing cards issued by the Bush administration during the Iraq War. The main difference is that the Most-Wanted Iraqis cards explicitly told soldiers who to shoot; owning accountant trading cards implies that you should maybe shoot yourself....MORE
Confucius got his card because, as it says on the back, “First Job: Accountant.” My first job was at a pharmacy which is why I’m considered one of history’s greatest drug lords.
Confucius’s stats include:
  • Career Billable Hours: 1,897 1
  • Deadlines Met: 0 2
  • Religions Founded: 1
Ithamar, son of Aaron; nephew of Moses...
So much MORE