Thursday, June 18, 2015

"How To Get Away With Being An Etsy Witch" (ETSY)

Thank goodness.
It's tough enough to to pursue the  necromancer's art, just look at this poor guy:
Peak Oil Stalwart to Shutter Forum/News Site, Persue Career as Astrologer

Following up on yesterday's "Artisanal Or Not, You Can't Sell Your Witches Spell On Etsy (ETSY)".

From Vocativ:
Etsy, the online marketplace for craft and vintage goods, announced a change last week in its policies regarding the sale of services and reportedly shut down several metaphysical shops, some without warning. Several users believe the change arose out of Etsy going public in April and the need to cover its legal tracks. Others think Etsy, which has been the go-to site for the metaphysical community since eBay banned them in 2012, is simply choosing to discriminate against witches.

Whatever the reason, witches who sell their spells on Etsy need to get legally savvy about how they hawk their products. Users who sell spells on the site—and there are hundreds of them—now have to ensure their incantations contain the right lingo or they may find their businesses are pixie dust. No fear, Etsy witches, Vocativ has the ultimate guide to legally transacting spells.

1. Sell the magic wand, not the spell
This is perhaps the most important rule of all. Etsy now forbids retailers from selling a spell unless it has a physical item, such as, say, a magic wand as part of its package. The key is selling a tangible item, not just a service. The service can be packaged as a value-add.

2. Don’t promise that the magic wand will have health benefits
Witches can’t legally sell a physical item if they promise it will have a physical effect on the buyer, such as helping her lose weight or giving her ex-boyfriend a bad case of pimples. Technically, according to the Federal Drug Administration, anything that causes a physical change is a “drug” and can’t be legally sold by a witch, who is not a licensed medical professional....MORE
Now back to a little technical analysis:
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