Sunday, June 28, 2015

London House Prices Approaching £200 Per Brick

From CityAM:

London house prices: The average cost of a single brick in the capital is now just shy of £200
Rocketing house prices in the capital mean the average brick in a London house (RRP: 67p) is now valued at just short of £200, research has found (assuming it's attached to other bricks, and a bit of mortar, that is...).
The research, by online estate agent, was based on the fact it takes about 3,840 bricks to build the average mid-terraced home.

Naturally it's the upmarket bricks purchased from the boutique DIY stores of Kensington that have the heftiest price tag, with an average cost of £920. In Westminster, they're a decidedly politically incorrect £764, while the bricks of Camden cost £436. 
At the bottom of the list is Barking & Dagenham, where bricks cost a bargain basement £63 each, while in Bexley they cost £68 and in Havering, they average out at £70.

But figures published today by Emoov suggest that those upmarket bricks may find themselves in rather less salubrious company soon: it reckons demand in Chelsea has fallen 10 per cent in the past month...MORE