Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"...Blythe Masters Is the Devil Incarnate"

From the International Business Times, June 19:
Max Keiser, founder of VC fund Bitcoin Capital, seeding currency startcoin, and the presenter of the Keiser Report, does not mince his words.

Bitcoin completely challenged the banking world leaving banks and card issuers to play catch up, and this has led to a divide in the community: some think that banks are going to basically end up controlling the space and others believe that they will not.

Keiser told IBTimes UK in no uncertain terms that the most prominent force attempting to wrestle back a proprietary fiefdom for banks is the former global head of commodities at JP Morgan, Blythe Masters.

Masters joined blockchain-focussed company Digital Asset Holdings in March of this year. She is by far the biggest fish from Wall Street to enter the space – something which mainstream media sources generally reported as a huge vote of confidence for cryptocurrencies.

Keiser sees it differently: "Yes, I can tell you the evil cult leader is Blythe Masters....MORE
Well there you go.

I knew there was something missing from "Institutional Investor Interviews Blythe Masters On Her Digital Asset Holdings"