Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Should the Worst Happen: Surviving Waterfall Declines

This is a repost from August 7:
From Quirkbooks' Worst Case Scenario:

How to Survive a Trip Over a Waterfall
 extreme kayaking down waterfall
With the weather getting colder, the time for jumping into a deep, refreshing lake (possibly off a small cliff and/or waterfall) has long since passed.

So chances are, if you're about to take a plunge off a waterfall these days, it's accidental. Or you're at some exotic location on vacation. If that's the case, why didn't you bring me? Jerk.

Anyhow, it's best to be prepared. So here's how you survive a trip over a waterfall, thanks to the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht.
How to Survive a Trip Over a Waterfall

1. TAKE A DEEP BREATH JUST BEFORE GOING OVER THE EDGE: You probably will not have much control while you are in the air, and the water may be deep.

2. GO OVER THE FALLS FEET FIRST: The biggest danger in going over a falls is hitting your head on something underwater and being knocked unconscious. Even feet first there is a risk of broken limbs. Squeeze your feet together and remain vertical.

3. JUMP OUT AND AWAY FROM THE EDGE OF THE FALLS JUST BEFORE YOU GO OVER: You want to avoid hitting rocks directly at the bottom of the falls....

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That post was followed on August 15 by "The Peak-to-Trough Magnitude of the Recent Decline Was 4.3%":
I'd expect the next one to be deeper but also reward "Buy-the-dips" setting up a nasty little experience on the next-next one for folks coming in at down 10% who watch in horror as the drop doubles to 20%....
We are now in what looks to be "the next one" which we are calling to be in the ~5% range followed by a "whew, that wasn't so bad."