Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Somali Pirates Fight Over Ransom After Release of Journalist"

From Reuters via gCaptain:
Six people were killed in central Somalia in a gunfight over a supposed ransom payment tied to the release this week of a German-U.S. journalist held hostage in Somalia for more than two years, police said on Thursday.

The journalist, Michael Scott Moore, 45, was kidnapped by armed militia in the city of Galkayo in January 2012 while researching a book on piracy. After his release this week, local Somali officials said they were not unaware of any ransom paid.

A local militiaman, Zakaria Farah, told Reuters the ransom had totalled $2 million although he did not say who had made the payment. He played down the shooting, calling it “accidental,” and said any issues surrounding the payment had been resolved....MORE
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