Monday, September 22, 2014

In 2009 Mitsubishi Tried To Corner the Market In Bluefin Tuna, Now They're Buying Norway's #2 Salmon Farmer

What's next, Norsk Hydro?
(I still think Kristian Birkeland should have received a couple Nobels)

From the Financial Times:
Mitsubishi Corp has offered NKr8.88bn ($1.4bn) for Norwegian salmon producer Cermaq, in the latest sign of consolidation in the fragmented seafood industry.
The bid by Japan’s top trading house comes as demand for fish has increased significantly over the past few years, due to the growth of the middle classes in developing countries and a trend towards healthier eating in developed economies.

The consumption of farmed fish is expected to overtake that of wild fish this year, according to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome.

Oslo-based Cermaq is one of the world’s leading salmon farmers with operations in Norway, Canada and Chile. Its output of 170,000 tonnes a year accounts for just under 10 per cent of global production....MORE
Combined with Mitsubishi's salmon operations the acquisition creates the world's #2, trailing only Norway's  Marine Harvest ASA, recently listed NYSE, symbol MHG.

Back in 2009 we noted:
Mitsubishi Tries a Corner in World's Bluefin Tuna Market
I can't recall another attempted corner in an endangered species, usually the perps sell as soon as possible.

Mitsubishi freezing fish to sell later as stock numbers plummet toward extinction
Which was followed a month later by:
How to Break a Market Corner: Breeding Breakthrough Helps Sushi Baron Create Sustainable Tuna