Thursday, September 18, 2014

"LA Schools Giving Up Grenade Launchers But Keeping the Tank"

What militarization?
From Curbed LA:
[Hollywood High via Michael Locke]
Aw, the LAUSD has to give up its three grenade launchers now that the public found about them and got all "Why does a school district need grenade launchers?" Still, as consolation prizes, they'll get to keep their mine-resistant vehicle and 61 M16 assault rifles, so they'll still easily be able to beat the students if it ever comes down to a full-scale battle (NOT THAT IT WOULD, we're assured). The Los Angeles School Police Department, LA County's fifth largest law enforcement agency, got the military equipment for free via the Pentagon's 1033 program, which hands out surplus equipment to domestic law enforcement agencies and "at least 22 school systems in eight states," according to the LA Times. The school district has had the weapons since 2001 and the tank for just a few months....MORE
The one that had me scratching my head was:
Why would police need 12,000 bayonets?

In the army the use of bayonets is infrequent enough that even the Scots can go a couple decades between charges.