Monday, December 17, 2012

Signposts: China Daily Launches African Edition

From the Financial Times' beyondbrics blog:
China Daily in Africa: changing the tune
To date, the story of China’s growing presence in Africa has been mostly narrated by western media, African newspapers, and a universe of blogs, websites and social media outlets. Often, it is framed in the context of land-grabbing, resource-snatching, neocolonialism and invasion.

So perhaps a different perspective might be provided by China Daily? The state-run paper is launching a weekly Africa edition, and is keen to put its side of the story.

“The relationship between China and the African continent is one of the most significant relationships in the world today. It is growing and complex and not always understood – not just by those in other parts of the world but Africans and Chinese, too,” said Zhu Ling, China Daily’s publisher and editor-in-chief, of the launch....MUCH MORE