Monday, December 31, 2012

Fearless Forecasts From Pimco's Bill Gross

From MarketBeat:

The Bond King’s Fearless Forecasts for 2013
The bond king unwraps his market calls for the new year, and he did it in a very public forum.
In a pair of messages on Twitter, Pimco’s Bill Gross made his calls for 2013.
He predicted the US dollar will lose ground, gold will rally and oil will rise above $100 a barrel at some point in the year.

He also predicted the five-year Treasury yield will end 2013 at 0.7%, a tad lower than 0.718% recently traded.
Gross: 2013 Fearless Forecasts: 1) Stocks & bonds return less than 5%. 2) Unemployment stays at 7.5% or higher 3) Gold goes up……