Friday, December 21, 2012

Economists Fess Up

Via Maria R. Anderson:

End Of The World Econ-fessions
These nerdy confessions from various economists were cracking me up last night during the commute home. Here’s a handful from the stream.  Happy end of the Mayan calendar!
  1. justinwolfers
    #EndOfTheWorldEconfessions: Every October I make early-morning prank calls to famous economists, in a convincing Swedish accent.
  2. jericsinger
    When you say, “I’m from the Austrian School,” I hear, “I suck at math.” #EndOfTheWorldEconfessions
  3. BetseyStevenson
    #EndOfTheWorldEconfessions I imagine the Fed’s dual mandate as a duel mandate between Ron Paul & Ben Bernanke
  4. maria_andersen
    Really can’t wait to read @NYTimeskrugman oped on how the end of the world will create jobs & revenue :X #EndOfTheWorldEconfessions
 And my personal favorite:

 Philadelphia Fed@philadelphiafed
Accidentally announced a Blue Light special at the discount window.