Saturday, December 29, 2012

Corrected--Happy Holidays From First Round Capital

Correction: I had a brain-spasm and misspelled Ms. K's first name. This is embarrassing on a couple levels.

First, I've been reading her FT Alphaville stuff for years and have publicly stated she is probably the best writer on commodities, particularly hydrocarbons, plying the trade.

Second, I believe her Anglo hypocorism/nickname at FT Alphaville is Izzy which makes a lot less sense if you spell and pronounce it Issy.

At least I got the feminine adjectival surname right.
(had to look that one up)

Original post:
Up until yesterday when I discovered that Isabella Izabella Kaminska had a Tumblr, "When in Finance" was the only Tumblr blog I had visited.
I'm sometimes slow on the uptake.

WiF gets the HT for sharing this:

As Skirt at When in Finance said, "Wow".
(I assume it's Skirt, it's her blog and I see no other credit or HT)

And yes, First Round is a real firm.
We knew them through one of their portfolio companies, Google Ventures-backed The Climate Corporation
(née WeatherBill)

Previously from WiF:

When in Finance Tumblr

From When in Finance:

October 22, 2012
When I’m on #WIF and my associate comes up and asks what I’m working on:

October 22, 2012
When I accept the offer to lateral out of my horrible shop:

October 18, 2012
When I think about how much time I spent on a useless giant certificate (CFA)
Credit: M/Former sell-sider 

HT: I think it was one of the denizens of Alphaville.