Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"China arrests more than 500 people in Mayan 2012 apocalypse group (+video) "

From the Christian Science Monitor:
China swept up members of a fringe Christian group 'Eastern Lightning' for spreading rumors about the coming end of the world.

Chinese police have detained more than 500 people from a fringe Christian group for spreading rumors about the world's impending end, state media reported Tuesday

In western China's Qinghai province alone, police arrested more than 400 members from the religious cult group, state-run China Central Television said Tuesday.

As The Christian Science Monitor reported: "Chinese police said Monday that the man who stabbed 23 children in a rural Chinese elementary school just hours before the Newtown, Conn., massacre may have been “influenced” by doomsday predictions." The crackdown on this group now was apparently triggered by the school stabbing incident....MORE
The story goes on to the video of the guy with the "Great Balls of China".