Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things you Don't See Every Day: Architects Dressed As Their Buildings

From Curbed:

Photo via Retronaut

Starchitects dressing up as buildings is not a new tradition, as one might assume from recent Halloweens, but rather a tradition that's been around as long as time itself....MORE
...Left to Right: Stewart Walker (Fuller Building), Leonard Schultze (Waldorf-Astoria), Ely Jacques Kahn (Squibb Building), William Van Alen (Chrysler Building), Ralph Walker (1 Wall Street), D.E.Ward (Metropolitan Tower), Joseph H. Freelander (Museum of New York) 
If he hadn't gone and died we might have seen Philip Johnson don his 'Chippendale' chapeau:


Speaking of hats, who knows what Frank Gehry would wear. Here's the hat he designed for Lady Gaga in 2009: