Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Oh, Yes, The Fed Is Almost Definitely Thinking About Maybe Helping The Economy Now"

Always remember-- Central Banks really only know how to do one thing:
I have two problems but only one tool.
-Ben Bernanke
Testimony to the House Budget Committee
Jan. 16, 2008

Or, as FINTAG put it:

From the Huffington Post:
Thing One: The Fed's A Big Tease: Stripping: It seems everyone is doing it these days. Matthew McConaughey. The Octomom. Journalists, God forbid. But these amateur nudists have nothing on Ben Bernanke when it comes to the slow tease.

Don't worry: The Beard That Will Not Be Sheared is not taking off his clothes. Rather, the Federal Reserve Chairman has for months been teasingly building excitement for his own version of the big reveal, the moment when he tells us that he will crank up the central bank's money printer and buy another kajillion or so in bonds, to help the economy. That orgasmic climax will apparently now happen in mid-September, if the minutes of the latest Fed policy meeting are any guide....MORE