Thursday, August 23, 2012

The 10 Best Lines from the Apple-Samsung Trial

From BusinessWeek:
After three weeks of testimony, the federal trial in San Jose pitting Apple (AAPL) and its iPhones and iPads against Samsung (SSNLF) and its Android phones and tablets has gone to the jury. It may prove to be just another battle in the endless war over mobile technology property rights, but the trial did churn out some memorable quotes. In no particular order:

“In addition to my formal analysis, I had the experience of being confused.”
—Apple witness Susan Kare, who designed the “happy Mac” icon, testifying that she confused a Samsung phone for an iPhone at a pretrial meeting.

“My recollection was that the breast feeding had to come to a stop.”
—Samsung designer Jeeyuen Wang, describing how she slept two to three hours a night while working on the Galaxy S phone, and the effect of spending so much time away from her newborn child.

 “I need everyone to stay conscious during the reading of the jury instructions, including myself. … We’re going to periodically stand up, just to make sure we’re all alive.”
—Judge Koh before reading 109 pages of legal instructions to the jury.