Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We're So Proud! Today Our Most Popular Post is "The Questions America Wants Answered: 'Can Megayachts Be Eco-Friendly?'"

Are folks coming to visit for the incisive commentary? The actionable markets discussion? A breezy devil-may-care weltanschauung?
If I had to guess it's because of a picture we first used in "Day 1 of No Naked Shorts"
[as an editor and as a human being I apologize and beg your forgiveness -ed]:

So what are the naked short sellers doing?
Probably out on their yachts.
Eatin' high on the hog.
Fat and sassy.

sinking boat
This photo really needs no words. Even the hills or mountains in the background look small compared to this big man in his S.S. Fat Guy boat. From Odd Planet

The Questions America Wants Answered: "Can Megayachts Be Eco-Friendly?"