Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Climate change and castration"

From Improbable Research:
Lead Sentence of the Week honors go to Alister Doyle of Reuters, whose news report begins:
Indigenous Sami peoples in the Arctic may have found a way to help their reindeer herds cope with climate change: more castration.
(Thanks to investigator John Karp for bringing this to our attention.) Further detail appears in a pair of academic reports:


1] “Adapting to Climate Change in Reindeer Herding: The Nation- State as Problem and Solution,” Erik S. Reinert (Saami University College, Kautokeino, Norway), Iulie Aslaksen (Statistics Norway), Inger Marie G. Eira, Svein Mathiesen (both Saami University College), Hugo Reinert, (University of Cambridge) & Ellen Inga Turi (University of Oslo), Working Papers in Technology Governance and Economic Dynamics no. 16, Norway Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, January 2008. The report quotes a herder who says:
“With us there exists such a method of castrating with one’s teeth too....MORE
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