Sunday, February 13, 2011

Economists for Firing Larry Summers Changing Name to "Economic Policy Advice for President Obama"

This could be considered an example of Mission Creep.
From EfFLS:

Blog Name Changed
As everyone is well aware, as of last month, Larry Summers is no longer a part of this administration. Hence, the name of this blog had become a touch anachronistic. While the original mission of the blog -- to see to it that Larry Summers get to spend more time with his family -- has been accomplished, the overall vision of having a Democratic President who makes smart Economic Policies (or at least policies that aren't terrible), is unchanged. While the torch has been passed to a new set of Economic Advisers, the need to keep heat on these people persists....

Lawrence H. Summers, the chief architect of the Obama administration’s economic policies who is leaving the White House, received an accidental back-handed compliment from his boss.
Appearing on “The Daily Show with John Stewart” on Wednesday night, President Obama said,
“In fairness, Larry Summers did a heck of a job in trying to figure out how to …”
“You don’t want to use that phrase, dude,” Mr. Stewart interjected.
“Pun intended!” the president responded to laughter....
-Via DealBook 

For anyone interested in understanding the root causes of the mess the economy is in I can't recommend Frontline's "The Warning" highly enough. Here's our post...