Monday, February 14, 2011

Oops... I forgot to mention, First Solar is Reporting Q4 and Year-end Financials this Week (FSLR)

Yahoo Finance has them releasing on the 18th although that doesn't seem right, the company has for years reported after the close and the 18th being a Friday that would mean 65 hours for the numbers to fester before they could be acted on in regular trade.

On the other hand Zack's says it's the 17th which probably is a relief to the folks in Chicago who are trying to square their books on a whole bunch of options which stop trading on Friday.

Oddly, the company has no dqte or time on their website, that's the first time in memory that that's happened.
Probably IR having trouble coordinating with the traders at their old investor and bookrunner, Goldman Sachs.*
More later

*Just kidding.