Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Two Year La Niña?

As we said in "Weird Weather, Food Price Inflation and La Niña":
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I'm not predicting a never ending La Niña
This quote from NOAA's Klaus Wolter was brought to my attention yesterday:
...Stay tuned for the next update (by March 5th) to see where the MEI will be heading next. While La Niña conditions are guaranteed well into 2011, it remains to be seen whether it can rally once more to cross the -2 sigma barrier, and/or whether it will indeed last into 2012, as discussed six months ago on this page. I believe the odds for a two-year event remain well above 50%, made even more likely by the continued unabated strength in various ENSO indices. 
That is not what the world needs right now.
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