Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Questions America Wants Answered: "Can Megayachts Be Eco-Friendly?"

From the WSJ's Wealth Report:
“Ecomansions,” “carbon-neutral private jets” and “fuel-saving SUV” may sound like oxymorons, but they are becoming increasingly popular among the environment-minded rich who like their luxuries accessorized with a bit of social conscience.

Merijn de Waard /
But a Green Megayacht? That may take some time.
At the Monaco Yacht Show–the annual Yachtapalooza for the wealthy–one of the top themes was environmentally sensitive boats. The talk of the docks was “Exuma,” a newly launched, 164-foot motor yacht with an unusual, all-aluminum hull. (Special thanks to Merijn de Waard at for the pic).
Exuma’s lighter hull, along with its narrow, sleek design and knife-like bow (look familiar?), makes for a marked reduction in fuel consumption. The boat was built by Italy’s Perini Navi and won the 2010 Green Plus Yacht Award.
Dutch megayacht builder Feadship plans a boat named “Breathe” which has solar cells, diesel-electric hybrid engines and a special paint to reduce water resistance....MORE
Wealth Report continues asking the tough questions in "Where Will Tomorrow’s Billionaires Come From?".

All joking aside, he makes the important point that wealth appears to be accruing to the wealthy with very few new additions to the Forbes list coming from transformative/disruptive innovations.

We've looked at the eco-yachts in earlier posts. Unfortunately the only boat picture I can remember is from our Sept. 18, 2008 post "Day 1 of No Naked Shorts":
[as an editor and as a human being I apologize and beg your forgiveness -ed]
So what are the naked short sellers doing?
Probably out on their yachts.
Eatin' high on the hog.
Fat and sassy.
sinking boat
This photo really needs no words. Even the hills or mountains in the background look small compared to this big man in his S.S. Fat Guy boat. From Odd Planet