Thursday, October 21, 2010

"9 Greatest Mistakes of All Time"

From Pun Intended:

1. Crocs

Not that long ago in a galaxy very, very close, plastic shoes with large holes became an international sensation. Definitely the Bush administration’s greatest mistake.

3. Parachute Pants

Illustration by Lunasumerin

Society has yet to fully recover from the tragic era that was Hammer Time.

5. Green Ketchup

In the year 2000, Heinz released a variety of bright green ketchup in an attempt to appeal to a very specific demographic: booger-eaters aged 3-10
The stunt initially worked, but quickly faltered when the snot loving tykes of the world came to the realization that the green condiment tasted nothing like it looked....MORE
Those were some of the odd ones.
HT: peHUB(!)