Friday, October 22, 2010

"Microinverters: A Solar Market That’s “On Fire”"

From Venture Capital Dispatch:
Building clean-technology companies with real revenue on relatively little investment is increasingly possible, and it’s happening in the small-but-exploding market for electronics that boost the power output of solar systems.
Enphase Energy Inc.
Several venture-backed companies are rushing in with new products as they play catch-up to the sector’s leader, Enphase Energy Inc. Whether the competitors will be able to gain ground on Enphase - and what will happen once bigger corporates swoop down on the space - remains to be seen.
“The market is on fire,” said Jason Matlof, partner with Battery Ventures, which backed SolarBridge Technologies Inc., an Enphase competitor, in 2007....MORE
Here's the Enphase investor list.
GreenBeat had an article a couple weeks ago:
Pimp my solar panel: Microinverter deals heat up