Tuesday, April 2, 2024

"Crazed CEOs Adding AI to Home Appliances"

From Futurism's The Byte, March 31:

Can we just not?

Wild-eyed execs have been eager to inject AI all over the workplace, drawing jeers from naysayers who think the tech is overblown, imperfectly implemented, and that ultimately it's a tool being cruelly used to replace human workers with no benefit to customers.

Well, get ready for more AI because CEOs at appliance companies want to put AI in your oven and other household items, Forbes reports, which sounds like a privacy and functionality hellscape waiting to happen.

"Generative AI in your oven? Why not?" writes tech influencer and self-proclaimed futurist Bernard Marr in a Forbes column dripping with AI enthusiasm. "After all, AI has been creeping into our homes for years (think smart lightbulbs and Alexa) — but thanks to generative AI, these interactions will become even more human and more personal."...