Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Covid Memories

For some reason, when pulling up the McKinsey post linked immediately below, this popped up:

April 13, 2020
Attention Hoarders: Wal*Mart CEO Says We Are Now In the "‘hair color’ phase of panic buying"
First they came for the alcohol-based disinfectant. and I did not speak out because I had alcohol.
Then they came for the toilet paper and...well, lets just say that after the colonoscopy prep I'm set for quite a while.

But, as a lot of people are finding out, after a month those roots grow out a half inch or so....

I should maybe go back to the archive and see just how deep into the communal madness we got.

One example that comes immediately to mind was February 29. 2020's "Social Responses to Epidemics Depicted by Cinema":

A great resource for portfolio risk managers.

As just one example, what is the trade if the world is confronted by a real-life version of  "Blindness (2008, Fernando Meirelles), which deals with a fictional disease that causes epidemic blindness, leading to collective hysteria?"
I mean beyond the simplistic "short Luxottica." Duh.

From Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal, Volume 26, Number 2—February 2020....

Damn near contemporaneous.