Monday, March 16, 2020

Land Based Fish Farmer Pure Salmon Secures $358 Million Investment

That's enough money to get the attention of the competition.
From The Fish Site, March 16:
8F Asset Management has announced that it has raised $358.8 million – enough to finance the construction of Pure Salmon’s RAS facilities in Poland, Japan, France and US.

Pure Salmon now has the capital required for phase one of its global rollout thanks to input from investors including leading family and institutional investors, several sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and pension funds from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States. The project also attracted substantial investments from the aquaculture industry, including from AquaMaof, Pure Salmon’s RAS technology partner, said the firm in a statement today....MUCH MORE
The last big recirculating aquaculture system deal we linked to was in
"10,000-tonne deal suggests consumer appetite for land-based salmon"
with this outro:
Theoretically land-based fish farming should produce healthier fish and have fewer deleterious impacts, ranking just below the world's #1 ranked farmed salmon, Norway's Nordic Blu® from Skjerstad Fjord.
Here is the Monterey Bay Aquarium's ranking criteria and commentary, including this tidbit:
Salmon Recommendations
In Short: This Assessment
Atlantic salmon farmed worldwide in indoor recirculating tanks is a "Best Choice." Indoor recirculating tanks often have less effluent, disease, escapes and habitat impacts than other aquaculture systems. Currently, only 0.1% of farmed Atlantic salmon is produced by this method. These sources will be labeled as "land-based" or "tank-based" salmon....
For some reason I picture Japanese salmon as the hand-massaged Wagyu of salmon.
But it's not.