Monday, March 16, 2020

"Google parent Alphabet invents fish recognition system"

From the Financial Times, March 1:

Underwater cameras will track each individual fish in huge farms
X Development hopes its system will help relieve the pressure on wild fishing
The advanced research lab at Google’s parent company Alphabet, is taking aim at an unlikely new target for its technologies: fish. In an attempt to boost the use of fish farms, and reduce the world’s consumption of wild fish and meat, Alphabet’s X Development has invented a system that will eventually recognise and monitor every individual fish in farms that hold hundreds of thousands. The three-year-old project, dubbed Tidal, is working with farms in Europe and Asia. It pairs underwater cameras with AI techniques such as computer vision to track species including salmon and yellowtail.

The hope, according to Astro Teller, the director of X, is to reduce the world’s dependence on land-based proteins, such as beef, and to free the oceans from damaging fishing practices. “The oceans are falling apart thanks to us, thanks to humanity. So something has to change,” he said, discussing Tidal publicly for the first time. “No more [eating] fish isn’t really on the cards any time soon. What can we do to make it as good for the planet as possible?” Grace Young, a research engineer on Tidal, added: “Developing technology for the underwater environment is really hard: it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s unforgiving, saltwater kills electronics, the pressure is crushing, the temperature can shift from above boiling to below freezing in a matter of metres.”.....
[This article has been updated to correct a transcription error. 
Grace Young said that “the temperature can shift from above
boiling to below freezing in a matter of metres”, not minutes.]

HT: Bryce Elder who told us "And Google has invented a fish recognition system." at the very, very end of  "Markets not live, Monday 2nd March 2020"

Previously in facial recognition for critters:
Cargill Invests In Facial Recognition For Cows 
Do cows have faces?

From AgFunder:
Cainthus, an Irish startup focused on using computer vision and predictive imaging analysis to monitor the health and well-being of livestock has received an undisclosed investment from protein giant Cargill. ....
Which led to all sorts of avoidance behavior on the part of the notoriously shy creatures.

Bovine adversarial image teams around the world are working feverishly to beat the machines with ideas ranging from the (udderly) ridiculous:

To the...well, actually they're all ridiculous.

Hiding from the cameras may be the only foolproof technique:

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