Friday, June 15, 2018

"This Test Shows Why Tesla Autopilot Crashes Keep Happening" (TSLA)

From Jalopnik, June 13:
The first thing that happened when I drove a Tesla on Autopilot was an instant, unsettling feeling of not being comfortable in the car at all, thinking it’s always a moment away from crashing. Slowly, I got used to it and calmed down, just like everyone else I’ve talked to who has used Autopilot. This video from a British testing group shows exactly why that is a problem, and why we’ve seen the kind of Autopilot crashes that have been blowing up in the news.

Tesla has issued many warnings and descriptions and lessons explaining what exactly are the limitations of Autopilot, what it can’t do, and how responsibility always falls on a driver who must stay attentive and ready for anything at all times. But anyone who has driven a Tesla on Autopilot knows that how the cars themselves drive doesn’t follow the corporate line. Turn on Autopilot and everything is fine... until it isn’t. As your Tesla seemingly effortlessly follows the car in front of it traffic, it’s easy to sense that absolutely everything’s under control. You feel like, great, you can relax! The future is here. You’re good....