Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The creator of Internet Explorer is making mind control a reality

From PitchBook,May 29:
Late last week, Lux Capital founder and managing director Josh Wolfe tweeted that, in a few days, he would announce an investment in one of the most exciting ventures he had ever seen.

"Dangerously: I saw the future in front of me [and] fell in love with it," he wrote. "Tech so unique it's indistinguishable from magic."

Other VCs quickly responded, curious as to what groundbreaking technology had captivated Wolfe. Boost VC's Adam Draper asked whether it was something one might find in a "Stars Wars'' movie, while Homebrew's Hunter Walk joked he'd send a backdated term sheet for the startup's pre-Lux funding round.

On Tuesday, Wolfe and Lux made their big reveal with the announcement that they co-led a $28 million funding for CTRL-labs, a neurotechnology startup with a mission that indeed seems straight out of science fiction. Through a combination of sensors, signal detectors and machine learning, the company has built a system to connect users' nervous systems directly with computers and other machines, allowing humans to send commands through the muscles in their arm via a small wristband....MORE