Friday, June 1, 2018

Superfast GPU-Powered Databases Drawing Attention

From The Register:

Alibaba and pals: We all SQream for GPU-powered databases – here, take $26.4m
Startup has powerful backer to help it crack China
GPU-accelerated analytics company SQream has won $26.4m in B-round funding with lead investor Chinese multinational Alibaba tossing in cash following its cloud collaboration deal earlier this year.
SQream provides a data warehouse DBMS that has repetitive low-level code running on Nvidia GPUs to speed up analytics.

The February deal it inked with Chinese giant Alibaba meant its customers can access SQream to set up, access and analyse data in Alibaba's cloud.

Data comes into SQream from primary databases, such as Oracle and SQL Server, using existing ETL tools. Newer stream tools can be used as well.

Supported hardware includes any servers with Nvidia Tesla, V100, P100 and K80 GPUs. Dell, HPE and IBM Power servers running Linux are in use by SQream customers. They use storage systems from DDN, Dell EMC, IBM, NetApp and X-IO, as well as software-defined storage.
How about E8 and Excelero and their NVMe-oF storage? CEO and co-founder Ami Gal wasn't able to comment on either. Twinning their fast access arrays with SQream's database would seem a natural fit....MORE