Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bisexual Polyamorous Goose Love Triangle Ends In Tragedy

I was looking for a black swan pic, not polyamorous interspecies goose love triangles, honest.

From IFL Science:
Thomas the goose (white) is seen with his poly family: Henry, Henrietta, and their youngsters. 
Photo courtesy of Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust
Thomas, a New Zealand native, beloved father, and alternative lifestyle icon has passed away at the age of 40.

This is how the obituary would read if Thomas were a human. But the famous Wellington resident was actually a goose. A blind, gay, interspecies-polyamorous goose whose life story captured the hearts of locals and the world at large.
Thomas first rose to celebrity when he was a young male in the gaggle at Waimanu Lagoon. There, he was observed shunning other geese in favor of the company of a male black swan named Henry. The couple were together for 18 happy years before a female swan, Henrietta, flew into the picture....MUCH MORE