Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Netflix has built a DIY personal trainer that will make you earn your binge-watching"

As foretold by the Sibyl (of London, not Delphi or other branch offices):

Cybersecurity dispatches: Managing the IoT poltergeist threat
Imagine the scene in the not too distant future.

An Uber self-driving electric car has just dropped you home. Your front door has recognised your face, and your fingerprint has authenticated that it’s definitely you. You get into your house, not a key in sight, kick off your shoes, and happily discover that the 3D printing feature in your fridge has already printed the food you plan to consume for dinner. All the appliances you need are on. And everything you don’t need is off, nice and efficiently saving power.

You decide to treat yourself to a quick 30-minute Netflix holographic update, only to get a nudge from your wearable tech that you’ve still got a 10 minute exercise deficit to meet your daily exercise quota. It’s a problem because you happen to have signed up to the extreme health management option which shuts down ApplePay access — without which Netflix won’t work — if you fail to meet your objectives. You quickly get busy on your smart-grid connected treadmill (which conveniently sells off the energy produced by your system back into the grid).

When all of a sudden… your utility door flings open and your iRobot Roomba begins singing Daisy, Daisy....MORE....
Yes, that was Ms Kaminska, showing off back in 2014.

Here's today's headline story from Quartz:
Netflix, the tech company that enabled a generation of couch potatoes to “Netflix and chill,” has released instructions for a Netflix-themed personal trainer that connects to your streaming-video account.

The device, which can be made at home, connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and uses an accelerometer to monitor your activity while you work out, according to the company’s instructions. You’ll need some hardware (pdf) and technical know-how to put the device together—such as how to work a printed circuit board.

But once you’ve built it, you can indicate how hard you want to workout, and whenever you fall below that threshold, the device will pause or mute the music on your phone or tablet to share inspirational audio messages from a Netflix character of your choosing.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Kimmy Schmidt will tell you, “You can stand anything for 10 seconds. Then, you just start on a new 10 seconds.” And Queen Elizabeth’s character from The Crown will proclaim, “A revolution must come from within.” Titus Andromedon, Frankie Bergstein, Pablo Escobar, Maria Bamford, and BoJack Horseman are a few of the other characters you can select as your at-home drill sergeant.

If you stop exercising completely, Netflix will stop playing, too. It will automatically pause the video—in lieu of more motivational messaging—until you start moving again. That functionality appears to work with iOS devices, according to the instructions....MORE
I knew why the Roomba was singing Daisy but no one cared, it was just trivia.
And speaking of trivia, how many of the Sibyls can you name? Michelangelo will get you started:
                          The Delphic Sibyl                                                       The Libyan Sibyl   
                       Sistine Chapel, Rome                                                 Sistine Chapel, Rome