Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tesla, SolarCity Tumble Ahead Of New Merger Financials (TSLA; SCTY)

Attentive reader may have noticed we didn't cover Mr. Musk's press conference on the roof tile solar panels last Friday. We've been at the market long enough to recognize a master magician's "hey, look at this" misdirection. The tiles aren't going to matter to anyone for at least a year, probably two, and by then I would expect the market to have changed to the  point that they will be recognized as a niche at best.

The oohing and ahing from the assembled journos was kinda funny though; in a naïve, never had to bet real money sort of way.
TSLA $189.85 down $7.88 (-3.99%); SCTY $19.00 down 0.60 (-3.06%). Nasdaq down 1.05%.
After last Wednesday's earnings announcement the stock (very) briefly traded as high as $216.48 (16:18:30 PM).
That's down 26 bucks in four trading days. As the retail guys say "And Mr. Bigg, if you annualize that..."

From Investor's Business Daily:
Tesla Motors (TSLA) and SolarCity (SCTY) on Tuesday will release more financial information related to their planned merger ahead of Nov. 17 shareholder-approval votes.

The company will post "additional information about the pending acquisition of SolarCity" after the market close with a Q&A at 5 p.m. ET, Tesla said in a statement.

CEO Elon Musk still has to convince shareholders that a Tesla-SolarCity merger makes sense, amid criticism that Tesla is engaging in a de facto bailout for SolarCity, with the latter run by two of his cousins. Musk is the top shareholder of Tesla and SolarCity, but he says he'll abstain from the vote.
Late Friday, Musk announced a solar-tile roof that would be a joint Tesla-SolarCity offering. The photovoltaic cells would be hidden from view, but key figures — such as cost and solar efficiency — were notably absent.

Also last week, Tesla reported a surprise third-quarter profit. But the stock gain was short-lived as some analysts said one-time factors and an all-out push by Musk were unsustainable....MORE
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