Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pizza by Drone? That's So Last Month: Domino's Is Training Trackable Delivery Reindeer

From Mashable:

Domino's Japan is training reindeer to deliver holiday pizza. Yes, really

Of all the U.S. traditions Japan has adopted, Christmas might be the biggest. And now one company is taking it to the next level by rolling out pizza delivering reindeer.

No, it's not the special eggnog messing with your eyes, you read that right, Domino's Japan is currently training reindeer that will pull sleds packing fresh pizza around the country.
Aside from the obvious attempt to connect Santa Claus with pizza, the idea for the reindeers came about as a way to continue to be able to deliver pizzas during snowy weather, when a bike is less practical.

Each reindeer-powered sled will be equipped with the company's GPS Driver Tracker, a system which allows customers to watch delivery people in real time as they make deliveries.

In the case of the reindeer deliveries, the icons on the app's map (below) will be changed to reindeer icons beginning in December....MORE
HT: MetaFilter who also have more e.g.
The company says they’re learning their new jobs on the grounds of a driving school

Taking them out for a few Lapps around the track, eh?

*backs away slowly*