Sunday, November 13, 2016

Chinese Copper Company Buys 80% of Hollywood Movie Studio

Anhui Xinke's stock trades Shanghai, symbol: 600255
I don't know if you can short it but will make inquiries.
It is a member of the SSE Composite.4.40 CNY.
Update: not on the list.

From Reuters via Asia Times:

China copper firm makes Hollywood acquisition
Newly set up media arm takes 80% stake in Voltage Pictures, makers of Oscar winners The Hurt Locker and Dallas Buyers' Club
China’s Anhui Xinke New Materials said it has acquired an 80% stake in Midnight Investments, owner of Hollywood production studio Voltage Pictures, for 2.39 billion yuan (US$350.71 million).

Anhui Xinke is primarily involved in copper processing and in the manufacturing of electric wires and cables. Earlier this month, it established Wotaiji International Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary set up to acquire media assets.

The firm said the acquisition would enable it to strengthen its position in the domestic and international film business, and would significantly boost its profitability....