Wednesday, September 14, 2016

South Korea Continues Intimidation Against the North and Kim Jong-un

Following up on yesterday's "South Korea Grows Weary Of North and Kim Jong Un, Says Will Reduce Pyongyang ‘to Ashes’":

From The Express:

South Korea to blare POP MUSIC into North Korea to take down Kim Jong-un

The bizarre tactic has been proposed in response to yet another nuclear test by the aggressive maverick state, which has put the world on red alert. 

Korea pop music, nicknamed K-Pop, will be played from huge speakers positioned near the border, with officials claiming the catchy tunes will be audible from a distance of 20 miles. 
South Korean and international news reports will also be broadcast across the border. 
Both countries have a long history of broadcasting propaganda messages across the border, beginning at the conclusion of the Korean War and the partition of Korea in 1953. 
North Korea has regularly played martial music, and messages of praise for the Kim dynasty. 
In 2004, after decades of deafening broadcasts, both sides agreed to an audio ceasefire....MORE
Scary, but not as scary as the video in this post: 
British Special Forces Blast ISIS Stronghold With Bollywood Music