Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Australia's property market is just SIX WEEKS away from collapsing, says respected U.S. think tank"

Yeah but what time on Oct. 24?
You can probably tell the headline is from the Daily Mail:
  • Australia's property market is six weeks from collapse, U.S. think tank says
  • Group says bank policy changes could see decline in foreign investment
  • 'We estimate Australia has six weeks... to turn this situation around,' it says
  • But leading economists say article was no more than 'sensational headline'
Australia's property market is on the brink of collapse, according to a U.S. defence group.
International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), who is based in U.S. capital Washington D.C., warns Australia has just six weeks to stop this collapse from happening.

ISSA says 'changes in local banking policies' could trigger foreign investment to 'decline markedly' in the housing market, news.com.au reported.

The think tank makes this prediction in an article, 'Australia Risks Strategic Setback From a Significant Foreign Direct Investment Drop Due to Changes in Bank Policies', in one of its newsletters....MORE
There's some humor in that "...article was no more than 'sensational headline'" bit.