Sunday, April 10, 2016

"Venezuela energy crisis: President tells women to stop using hairdryers and go with 'natural' style to save electricity"

The Bolivarian Workers Paradise is very close to becoming an humanitarian disaster.
It wasn't enough for Hugo Chavez to run the country into the mud, now it seems Maduro is intent on burying it.
So who ends up with the oil?
From the Independent:

'I think a woman looks better when she runs her fingers through her hair and lets it dry naturally,' Nicolas Maduro said
The President of Venezuela has urged women to stop using hairdryers and offered alternative styling tips as the country’s energy crisis continues.

Nicolas Maduro has announced a decree giving state employees Fridays off for two months as part of measures to offset a crippling electricity shortage.

He urged his compatriots to increase other efforts to save power, including cutting appliance use and raising the temperature on air conditioning units....MORE
I understand the blame for the electricity shortage is being laid at the (tiny?) feet of El Niño's drought cutting off the hydroelectric generators but in past El Niños the country got by just fine with the gas-fired plants.
These days, only around 40% of that capacity is available because simple maintenance has not been performed for years.