Thursday, April 21, 2016

It Looks Like There May Have Been a Coup d'Etat At FT Alphaville

It seems to have begun yesterday when Capo di tutt'i capi Paul Murphy began channeling some damn hippy:
Is Trip tripping here? Possibly not....
Sensing the non compos mentis moment had arrived it appears David Keohane made his move and three of today's posts already carry his byline:
I should point out the reason for our conclusion. It was the tripping comment.

A similar uprising against the despotic tyranny in 2014, chronicled here:
"In a Stunning Development It Appears Izabella Kaminska Has Staged A Coup At FT Alphaville (FTAV)"
contained these references:
In league with Keohane she has apparently implemented the tactics from Luttwak's Coup d'État: A Practical Handbook, beginning with seizing the means of communication....
...Here's the predicted schedule of events:
DURING the past 23 years, more than half of the world's governments have been overthrown by coups d'etat. Conspirators are increasingly aware that complex societies are vulnerable to attack. Slash a wire, start a rumor, dump LSD into reservoirs: today any determined guerrilla can stop The System. One man with one bullet can change history. A handful can take over a country.
Acid in the FTAV reservoir?
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