Sunday, February 14, 2016

“The Funniest Papers in the History of Economics”

Taking a break from war and rumors of war, this is a subject near and dear, some links after the video.
Presented at the American Economics Association 2016 Humor Session get-together, January 4:

HT: Real World Economics Review

June 2014
Top 11 Funniest Papers in the History of Economics

March 2015
2009 Fed Open Market Committee Transcripts: Big Yucks at the Big Table 
...Dallas Fed president Richard Fisher also has a T-shirt reference to make, followed by several other jokes:

MR. FISHER. I was first going to say to Dave Stockton that our wives have an affinity for T-shirts. My wife, a smart Wellesley woman who spent most of her time at MIT, arrived at Oxford noting that the ratio of women to men was 1 to 11. She had a T-shirt for other women which she sold briskly, and it said, “Come to Oxford where the odds are good, but the goods are odd.”... 
March 2015 
Seriously, Can Economists Ever Be Truly Funny?

November 2012
"Introduction to Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Finance (Now With More Simpsons)"

September 2010 
"Obama to name Goolsbee to head economic council" and "Who is Austan Goolsbee"

And a few more that I've thankfully forgotten.