Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tesla Falls Out of Favor (TSLA)

I didn't realize it but we haven't had a post on Tesla since Nov. 9, 2015's ""Tesla Now Faces a Billionaire-Backed Competitor Staffed by Its Former Engineers" (TSLA)".

Here's a quick look-see at what we missed:

TSLA Tesla Motors, Inc. daily Stock Chart
The stock was down 8.99% yesterday and is off another 4.99% in late pre-market action at $140.61.

Despite having followed this one since before the IPO I've no idea what the're up to beyond the stuff you see in the papers, slow hiring at the gigafactory, disappointing sales on the new model, Space-X apparently readying a rocket for a one person trip to Mars, etc.
If interested here are the search blog box results.

From August 2015:
As The Good Ship Tesla Sells Some Equity, A Reminder That Elon Musk Has Exit Options Not Available To The Rest Of Us (TSLA)
Should Tesla experience what Titanic enthusiasts were calling a "crash floe" problem everyone knows Elon has already prepared one alternative future for himself via Space-X:
But what many may not remember is that a couple years ago he secured a second, more prosaic, if that's the word, escape vehicle: