Thursday, February 11, 2016

Don't Never Ever Lend Money To A Duke

If you are a Baron-or-higher ranked aristo.

That at least is my takeaway from this piece in the Financial Times, Feb. 10:

City grandee Lord Turner warns on peer-to-peer lending risks
Lord Adair Turner, the former chairman of the UK financial regulator, has issued a grave warning on risks building up in the burgeoning peer-to-peer lending industry....MORE
Turner himself is a peer, a Baron, so he should know, although his title is only of the life variety.

This train of thought can be blamed on FT Alphaville's "The curious state of UK “peer-to-peer” lending".
And my dislike for busybody political infighters like Turner, who, if he hangs around long enough, will probably end up with a real title.